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Too often employees find themselves in an organizational structure that is a poor fit for them. There are multiple employee-types and ways to structure your company, so which pairing allows you to take advantage of your entire workforce? It’s hard to identify these relationships and even harder determining which one is right for your company. That’s why we developed the Haufe Quadrant — to provide a new perspective of your company.

The Haufe Quadrant is a comprehensive model depicting the different relationships between employee-type and organizational-design. Whether you want a new perspective of your company, identify pain points, or see the potential for success, the Haufe Quadrant allows you to examine and improve your company’s current “operating system.”


Overstrained Organization
Maximum freedom given to employees who need targets
Employees overstrain themselves
Low output, performance, and motivation
Flexible organization combined with ambitious employees
Employees are independent, entrepreneurial-thinkers
Innovative ideas and products are an output
Classic hierarchical top-down model
Employee are efficient units
Clearly-defined process
Command And Control
Mismatch between authoritarian organization and independents
Employees perceived as rebels
Misuse of entrepreneurial employees
Shadow Organization
Überlastete Organisation
Agiles Netzwerk
Weisung & Kontrolle
Überlastete Organisation
Maximale Freiheit für Mitarbeiter,
 die sich eigentlich nach harten Vorgaben sehnen
Mitarbeiter überfordern sich
Ungenügende Outputs, Leistung und Motivation
Agiles Netzwerk
Flexibles Organisationsdesign mit eigenverantwortlichen und gestalterisch ambitionierten Mitarbeitern
Unabhängige Mitarbeiter, die unternehmerisch denken
Innovative Ideen und Produkte sind das Ergebnis
Weisung und Kontrolle
Klar definierter Prozess
Mitarbeiter sind effiziente Einheiten
Klassisches, hierarchisches 
Ausbremsen von Mitarbeitern mit unternehmerischen Ambitionen
Mitarbeiter werden als Rebellen wahrgenommen
Missverhältnis zwischen autoritärer Struktur und dem Drang nach Eigenverantwortung

The truth is most companies embody all of these realities. It’s this very coexistence, the interplay of many different organizational structures, that allows companies to account for every type of employee and optimize their operating system. Thus, Command & Control and Agile Network can coexist to provide maximum efficiency and agility.


Get the best of both worlds with an Employee-focused Operating System. Ensure a sustainable business with the efficiency of Command & Control; and innovate to keep your company ahead with an Agile Network. This symmetrical system allows every employee to contribute to their company’s future.

Haufe is in the business of empowering employees. So it only makes sense we have the tools to empower them. While most companies’ management tools only satisfy the top-down approach, Haufe offers a wide-ranging portfolio that covers both ends of the spectrum.


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