Success From All Angles

Isolated solutions don’t cut it anymore. If you want to address deep organizational problems, you need solutions that span a company’s three dimensions: people, tools & tech, and organizational design. Today, companies too often invest in one dimension in hopes to see instantaneous results. This is the wrong approach.


You can have the best technology and tools for performance management— but if employees don’t receive proper training, your cutting-edge technology never makes an impact. Or if your organizational structure isn’t getting the right people in the right places, the technology, again, isn’t properly utilized. Software is only a tool for success. You need the right people under the right organizational structure to drive it.

This same logic applies to every dimension. Say you want better leadership, a training only approach won’t work. You then need right tools for leaders to make an impact. Or if you want a more innovative company, an agile organizational design alone won’t transform you. You need to train employees to think entrepreneurially.


All three dimensions have bottlenecks on each other; no one dimension can act as the whole answer. To get your entire company working at its greatest potential, you need integrated solutions that empower and align your people, processes and tools.

Let your corporate challenges be solved by moving from a two-dimensional to a three-dimensional operating system. With over 75 years of experience and software, services, and tools that span the entire company, Haufe can deliver and integrate a three-dimensional operating system to transform your company.

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