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Increase your project’s chances of success

Increase your project’s chances of success with the right tools and the appropriate methods

We know that projects can only be successful if you take on the underlying issues, and if everyone involved shares a vision, focuses on the same goals, and stays committed to success. That’s why we have developed a variety of methods to increase your projects’ chances of success.

We use creative and innovative techniques like design thinking, adapt them to your company projects, and make sure that they are also usable for HR and for all other project contributors.

Identify & exploit
success potentials

Haufe Quadrant Workshop

Our workshop on the Haufe Quadrant helps you to examine your organization’s “operating system” – the way that your employees and organization interact. We'll help you to look at your company from different perspectives, and quickly acquire an overview of your current situation and your success potentials.


  • Identify problem areas and pain points
  • Adopt different perspectives on the company
  • Identify success potentials
  • Qualtiy check for process objectives
  • Convince management of the need to take action
  • Start a dialog about your company’s operating system
  • Represent your current situation with the Haufe Quadrant

Identify pain points &
establish understanding


Our unique Eigenland® tool helps you to quickly and easily identify important themes within your company. Through the use of play, participants’ experience and intuitive know-how are linked to objective analytical options. Hands-on digital play also allows for a 360-degree analysis that helps you to identify ideas, needs and pain points.

Eigenland® gets participants very actively involved, and results are developed in a playful way. It also provides an opportunity to discover diverse perspectives and start critical discussions outside of company hierarchies. You’ll find the right starting points for your project and tackle problems from the ground up.


  • Conduct an interactive and intuitive analysis
  • Identify important themes, pain points and needs within the company
  • Give equal consideration to all perspectives in your analysis
  • Relevant pre-determined focal topics such as talent acquisition and individual topics are possible
  • Active involvement from all participants

play to define visions and
create commitment


It's not just kids that are inspired by these colorful bricks to build, develop and experiment. That’s the secret to this innovative methodology, based on scientific research that provides an efficient, entertaining way to discuss and develop sustainable visions and objectives for your company.

With Lego® Serious Play®, you'll analyze important themes both strategically and systematically. The whole group discusses questions and problems, and searches for solutions, with no concern for hierarchy or specific outcomes. Use this method to involve all the relevant people and achieve greater commitment. Get participants actively engaged in the process with Lego® Serious Play® - and get your project off to a playful start.


  • Vision workshops for your company or for individual projects
  • Project scoping at the start of a project
  • Developing strategies
  • Bringing all stakeholders into alignment
  • Team building
  • Retrospectives
  • Development of change architectures - from story to implementation
  • Problem solving
  • Topics around innovation and creativity
  • Dialog and engagement tool for big events

Recognize, develop & represent Processes clearly

Haufe Metro Map

Metro or subway maps are a part of daily life, familiar and understandable to everyone. They help to guide us in our day-to-day activities. Using the metro map as a metaphor, we work with you to take a closer look at your HR processes. This examination is focused on the people who use your processes: applicants, HR staff, hiring managers, etc.

How do people work together? Where are the critical junction points? What would the ideal state of your metro map look like? We work with you on these questions and many others like them in the workshop for your individualized metro map.


  • Put the focus on users
  • Recognize connections between people and processes
  • Understand and highlight complexity and create understanding
  • Identify critical junction points
  • Develop and model new processes
  • Visualize processes, and communicate and implant them in understandable ways
  • Provide guidance to all participants

Focus strategy & direction
with Success Radar

Haufe Success Score

The Haufe Success Score helps you to implement your strategy rigorously and sustainably with continuous monitoring. You'll always have a clear view of the progress you’re making towards your goals.

To introduce the Haufe Success Score at your company, we first sit down with you to analyze your company’s current situation, and break our findings down into individual dimensions for a later target/actual comparison. In addition, workshops focus on identifying success factors and defining the goals you want to achieve.

We then work with you to develop a plan for how we can help you to achieve your target situation, find long-term solutions for problem areas, and sustainably implement your strategy.


  • Determine the current situation (status quo) at your company
  • Define a quantifiable target situation
  • Direction and goal-oriented development of your company
  • Focus on strategy

What our customers say

„Haufe`s Quadrant Check continues to inspire us. We have now shifted the focus of our organizational structure to success.“

Gabriele Mair
Senior Director Global HR

„An exciting and interactive method that lets everyone express their opinions. It takes time, but it’s worth it.“

Edda Rettinger
Head of Active Sourcing & Partner Management

„I wasn’t expecting to get results so quickly.“

Carine Brändle
HR IT Business Partner

„The metro map was one of the key elements for thesuccessful implementation of our recruitment tool.“

Maria Koch
Head of Design and Build - HR

„ Metro-Map has been a hit for us right from the start. Finally, a simple way to communicate our processes to everyone.“

Ingrid Heim
myJOB Project Manager

„The refreshing and uniquely simple representation of normally complex processes was more than just inspiring for the entire project team. It set the tone in my workshop right from the start.“

Janine Bader
myJOB Project Manager

„The Metro-Map is one of the best tools I’ve seen in the last 15 years!“

Thomas Sommer
HR Human Resources Leiter Personal LF

„Have you ever used a Metro in a City? If yes, what was the most important thing? The Metro Map! Therefore, umantis invented the Metro-Map for Talent Attraction to make it as easy as possible to understand the process for everybody.“

Thomas Sommer
HR Human Resources Leiter Personal LF

„I never would have expected that Haufe’s methods would bring us so many new insights and solutions so quickly!“

Ralf Berns
Leiter Prozessmanagement und Fachredaktion Personal (HZP)

„Having a finished prototype in hand after just two days was definitely pretty impressive.“

Ralf Berns
Leiter Prozessmanagement und Fachredaktion Personal (HZP)

„Haufe’s intuitive methods are so addictive that I constantly find myself adapting them to new aspects of my job.“

Ingrid Heim
myJOB Project Manager

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