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design processes with gamification

The preboarding process at Deutsche Bahn was analyzed and sustainably optimized in a cross-hierarchy workshop using Haufe´s gamification methods.

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Always in control

By implementing a custom solution, VHV’s use of Haufe Applicant Management put employees in control of the application process.

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Transparency for employees

Carglass deployed the web-based Haufe Talent Management modularly so all employees could be involved in the implementation process.

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The right step

Haufe’s Talent Management Software greatly reduced the time to hire, while also making the process less demanding due to software automation.

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Recruiting processes get a big efficiency boost

The recruiting process at MIGROS experienced a big efficiency boost due to Haufe Talent Management consolidating all the recruiting data in one place.

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A Swiss approach to applicant management

Haufe’s Talent Management Software allowed Ricola to convert applicants by mail into digital applicants.

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