Courage is the start of every great story

Talent Empowerment by Haufe

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Haufe Talent Management goes Talent Empowerment

Courage is the prerequisite for change. Courage is the prerequisite to make a difference. Without courage, we will not venture into the unknown.
In a nutshell: without courage we cannot grow.

Companies that focus on their employees and have the courage to empower them, create the freedom for growth — both personal growth and that of the organization.

Our Talent Management software helps you to empower your employees and develop their talents. This starts with the right contact during the recruitment process and continues with regular, honest feedback— the results of which are incorporated into the continuous development of your employees' competencies through our learning offers.

We help you to strengthen and advance every employee individually. With us you offer the people in your organization the framework and the freedom they need in order to courageously lead the way and contribute new ideas. By doing so, they will successfully lead your company into the future.

Culture of courage

Being courageous requires a culture of courage. A corporate culture that has confidence in its employees and within which the employees have confidence in themselves. This requires the right framework for the three mission-critical dimensions of "person","organization" and "technology". In addition to the freedom empowering employees to take the initiative and drive their own development, companies need the right processes, structures and tools to enable and support this freedom.


The fear of making mistakes and being punished for them inhibits people's willingness to take risks and prevents new ideas and innovations. However, when people in a company work towards a common vision, this releases unexpected energies. Involving people in setting goals and giving them responsibility for what they do makes a big difference: It motivates employees and promotes corporate success.


We say: Feedback is a gift — provided that it is given honestly and transparently. Only through open exchange can people develop themselves further.  A Talent Management software ensures that feedback is visible at all times for everyone involved. This creates a basis for individual development.


Every individual employee knows best what know-how and skills he or she needs to get ahead with his or her work. They also know when they need it. Talent Management solutions, which support formal and informal learning as well as internal and external training contents, create real added value — exactly when it is needed.

Whether applicant management, goal agreement or personnel development — almost all processes that support talentmanagement solutions can be designed by companies to be "classic" or agile. One thing is crucial: the three dimensions of person, organization and technology must be in harmony. If a company wants to establish a culture of courage, the talent management solution must ensure that employees can make decisions on their own accord — for example about their development — and that they have the freedom to take the initiative.

This is what we call Talent Empowerment.

Implementing Talent Empowerment.


Search for courageous people who are the right fit for you. The software makes it as easy as possible for you — from job requisition to approval to job posting. This frees up time for personal contact with applicants and recruits top talent for your company.

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Employees are your most important asset. Make the most of it by systematically developing the skills and courage of the people in your company. As a result, you will increase productivity and employee satisfaction and pave the way for innovations.

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Lifelong learning requires professional software support. Whether training sessions, seminars or mentoring: the processes must work. Successful training, development and event management promotes the desire for continuous professional development within the company.

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GOAL Setting

Once a year, preferably more often, assess the performance, agree goals and define learning fields: Employee review meetings are an essential key to success. Our software reliably helps employees, managers and HR managers to do so.

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People want to put their ideas and skills to good use, contribute to shared success and develop themselves further. They also want to be fairly compensated. We support you in paying your employees fairly for their performance — and you always remain fully in control of your budget.

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People who courageously break new ground also want to develop themselves. Companies must offer their employees clear prospects for their professional future. Haufe Talent Management supports you in identifying professional and management positions and outlining career paths.

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