Designing the HR system of the future

for a globally active group of industrial companies: Helping Georg Fischer AG to modernize and align their HR-processes and tools


Aligning different HR processes, tools and cultures across three international divisions.


Rhythmix as a unified solution that gets all relevant employees involved in the project through the use of gamification techniques. The integrated WHYral Transformation approach provides the project with internal communication tools that keep all GF employees involved in the process to ensure that the transformation is a success.


A coordinated pair of new performance management processes that are now being implemented on the software side for the next step.

The path to success starts with Rhythmix

As GF began searching for a provider that would not only support their implementation of a new worldwide HR system, but join the project as a full-fledged partner, its attention quickly turned to Haufe.

Mit dem neu vorgestellten Rhythmix Ansatz präsentierte sich Haufe zudem als Anbieter, der Projekte und die Ent­wicklung neuer Prozesse auf eine innovative Art und Weise angeht. Dies und die Tatsache, dass sich mit Rhythmix eine individuelle Lösung entwickeln lässt, die alle relevanten Mitarbeiter des Unternehmens miteinbezieht und genau zum Geschäftsmodell von Georg Fischer passt, waren wesentliche Entscheidungskriterien für die Zusammenarbeit mit Haufe.

With the newly introduced Rhythmix approach, Haufe also presented itself as a provider that takes on projects and the development of new processes in an innovative way. This, and the fact that Rhythmix allows the company to develop a customized solution that includes all of its relevant employees in the process and fits perfectly with GF’s business model, were key criteria in the decision to collaborate with Haufe.

The story so far...

First, the framework conditions for the project launch were established in a number of workshops, since GF had opted for the full Rhythmix program, consisting of individual project steps that build on one another.


In the first step

the various pain points of the individual HR divisions were identified by using the Haufe Eigenland method. “It was really striking to see that my colleagues from the other divisions were dealing with almost the exact same pain points as we had in Piping Systems,” says Harry Zai (HR Head Switzerland, GF Piping Systems). Nevertheless, many different pain points were discovered. To consolidate them, the participants decided which core pain points to address right away.


The second step

was then to develop a new shared vision of the performance management process. This time, the workshop with Haufe used the playful Lego® Serious Play® method. “This method makes lots of room for everyone to express themselves and come up with ideas,” says Domenica Huber (Head of Compensation & Benefits, GF Corporate). Based on the participants’ different models, a shared vision for performance management was then developed.


The third step

was focused on making the vision implementable. To achieve this goal, the Haufe Metro Map was used at three sites worldwide to develop possible performance management processes. This format, known as the Global Process Jam, was intended to give employees and managers around the world an opportunity to take part in designing the process, and to share their impressions and ideas. This is the only way to create a performance process that will be accepted worldwide and can be readily implemented. As Claudia Zender (HR Manager / Division Project Lead, GF Piping Systems) observes: “This is the first project affecting all three divisions that all three divisions have also actively taken part in.”

After the Global Process Jam, the completed Metro Maps were consolidated in a merger session with GF decision-makers. The company leaders agreed on two performance management processes that will now have to be implemented. “I’m convinced that we’re headed in the right direction, and I’m really looking forward to this new process,” concludes Dr. Alain Ritter, Project Change Manager at GF Corporate.

Our shared journey continues

The Rhythmix project at GF is far from over: The next step is to implement the selected processes in software. Haufe is also using its WHYral Transformation program to help GF with its internal change process. After all, GF’s transformation will only succeed if the company also succeeds in truly integrating its employees in the process and clearly communicating the reasons for the transformation.

Who is the customer?



Georg Fischer AG (GF), consisting of the three divisions GF Piping Systems, GF Automotive and GF Machining Solutions, is a partner for the safe transportation of liquids and gases, light die-cast vehicle components, and high-precision manufacturing technology.



This industrial company is headquartered in Switzerland and operates 45 production facilities in 32 countries.


billion Swiss francs

It currently has about 14,400 employees and takes in annual revenues of 3.64 billion Swiss francs.


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