Chief Innovation Evangelist Haufe-umantis AG

Stephan Grabmeier took up the position of Chief Innovation Evangelist at Haufe-umantis AG on August 1, 2015. As Head of Culture Initiatives at Deutsche Telekom AG for four years, he focused on the topics of Enterprise 2.0, New Work, and innovation culture. With his consultancy Innovation Evangelists, Grabmeier went into business for himself in 2013 and helped companies to develop interconnected work structures and new ways of working. This expert in digital transformation also campaigns for more innovation in the HR sector as chairman of the association Selbst-GmbH e.V. Through the HR Startup Initiative, he has been promoting cooperation between startups and HR officers, e.g. in cooperation with the DGFP (German Society for HR Management), for many years. In recognition of his work, he was presented with the "Corporate Web 2.0 Award" by IIR Technology in 2012. With the HR Innovation Slam and the HR Safari, Grabmeier created two important innovation formats for the HR scene in Germany. As a pioneer and lateral thinker, Grabmeier was selected as one of the "40 leading minds in the HR scene" in 2015.