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It’s Time to Bridge Two Domains For 10X Results

Traditionally, business strategy and people mobilization have been siloed. Now, for your company to be its best, they need to work in sync — one without the other creates an inefficient unsuccessful organizational culture.

A Business
Platform for Smart

It’s Time to Bridge Two Domains For 10X Results

Traditionally, business strategy and people mobilization have been siloed. Now, for your company to be its best, they need to work in sync — one without the other creates an inefficient unsuccessful organizational culture.

A Smart Organization Platform for Smarter Businesses

Haufe’s Co-Creation Summit gathers the world’s industry leaders to collaborate and evolve People.OS.

An Understandable Format for the Strategy

Maximum transparency and comprehensibility are the most fundamental requirements for establishing a business strategy in an organization and ensuring that all employees act in accordance with it. People.OS enables you present your strategy in a format that is fully tailored to your employees’ needs. In doing so, you lay the foundation for successfully implementing the strategy.

Mobilizing at the touch of a button

Any relevant initiative that contributes to the company’s success is clearly outlined and described using the appropriate media, so that the relevant parts of the organization can consult it at the touch of a button. Employees and teams relevant to the strategy’s implementation can be addressed through the dashboard, directly and on a daily basis. Lengthy and inefficient channels of communication that relied on middle management are a thing of the past.

The right employees working on the right initiatives

A strategic initiative’s success naturally depends on the skills of the employees involved. People.OS collects feedback and uses public profile data and job descriptions to learn employees’ strengths, and pro-actively helps attract the best people for each initiative. This is a factor that shouldn’t be underestimated, and which has an inevitable impact on speed and quality.

Clear goals focus the organization

People.OS allows each employee to set goals and tasks that contribute to the strategy’s successful implementation. The contributions panel allows goals and tasks to be attributed directly to the business strategy. This motivates the entire organization to contribute decisively to the company’s strategic success.

Tracking Success in Real Time

People.OS provides managers responsible for strategy with relevant overviews and evaluations, such as the most strategically relevant topics, an overview of participating employees, and detailed progress reviews, for example. This ensures that data-driven decisions about your business strategy become the basis for strategic decisions.

Feedback straight from the source

In an agile environment in which hierarchy has been replaced with shared leadership, it logically follows that feedback should no longer come from those in charge, but from the colleagues we work withwith whom we wrok every day.

Self-determination in setting goals

Goals are no longer a top-down directive; instead, employees set their own goals and measure their own success. This success can be evaluated both on the individual level and in terms of contributions to the larger company goal. This makes personal accountability both widely appreciated and valued.

Seeking new challenges

In the marketplace, employees seek out new challenges for themselves. They find tasks that correspond to their own goals, skills and interests. This leads to higher motivation, making things easier for managers.

Knowing where the organization's talent really lies

Transparent, smart profiles for all employees show who has which skills, and ensure that tasks are assigned to the right people. What people work on isn't determined by their place in line, but by their actual skills and interests.

Target-oriented communication

Innovation must be target-oriented; otherwise it is not an innovation but sadly just a pipe dream. In People.OS, the majority of strategic challenges are disclosed by top management and made transparent to every staff member in the company. And who knows: maybe the next 100-million-dollar ideas will come from the doorman, and not from the Head of Future Success?

Mobilizing the organization

Each of these commercial challenges is described and visualized in detail. This delineates the framework for the desired commercial innovation, without excessively limiting the creativity of the staff members. Each employee of the company can now begin an innovation project, or mission, for this challenge, and develop it through the levels of the innovation process. The resources required for this - namely work hours, budget or helpers - will be provided according to the relevant innovation level.

Transparent innovation initiatives

Each mission is completely transparent within the company, i.e. all staff members, from executive management to operational staff, can find out about the contents, measurement criteria, remaining time and available budget of a mission at any time. This gives every employee the opportunity to bring their own skills to bear and apply to an ongoing innovation project.

The right staff member for the right initiative

The success of innovation projects is dependent on the skills of the participating staff members. People.OS knows the strengths of your employees through collected feedback, self-published profile data and position descriptions, and the platform proactively supports the involvement of the most suitable staff member in each mission.

Clear goals keep the organization focused

In the Contributions component, your employees can set their own goals and carry out tasks that relate to the published innovation projects, and in this way contribute to the successful addressing of the innovation challenge in question. This serves to encourage the whole organization to make a crucial contribution to the innovation success of the company. This can have short- or long-term sustainable effects on the innovation culture of your company.

Personalised, highly relevant learning content

Depending on their own interests and identified weaknesses, employees are offered short learning nuggets on key agile working methods and transformation topics. These micro learning units are short, precise and easy to find.

Staffing projects – stepping away from the line

The marketplace functions as a kind of job exchange where project teams come together in a self- organised manner, independently from the traditional line organisation. This allows everyone to focus their strengths exactly where they are needed in order to advance the company’s goals.

Taking a focused approach to company goals

With their different goals and tasks, all employees contribute to the big picture and are thereby instrumental in achieving the company’s goals. These goals and tasks can be directly attributed to the business strategy and make a decisive contribution to the strategic success of the company.

Valid feedback without any detours

In agile companies, the line has less information about employees. That is why it is important that 360-degree feedback is sought and given on an ongoing basis – beyond hierarchical or departmental boundaries.

Solution package
Diversity & INclusion

The Diversity Solution Package is still to be developed, but we believe it will provide a solution that is badly needed. As we’re hoping to develop it in our tried and tested manner with our Co-Creation Partners, we’re currently on the look-out for further Partners to participate in the upcoming Co-Creation process. Interested? You can find more information here

Recruiters: Everything at a glance

Recruiters log into a separate section of People.OS, where they can access a quick, efficient overview of open positions to be filled, top talents, not just applicants, but also including current and former employees, staff numbers and ongoing campaigns and their status. It also allows recruiters to get in touch with talent directly.

Profiles that promote personal brands

In People.OS, profiles are automatically generated using application data, which then serve to create personal brands. This turns employees – including existing staff in particular – into brands.

Talent Pool Management

With the Recruiter/ Hiring Manager Cockpit, users can quickly browse through the Talent Pool, which displays appropriate candidates according to how well they fit the requirements. In addition to being able to filter searches, the system also makes suggestions for further improving search results. With just one click, you can invite all eligible candidates to apply.

The right profile for the right projects

Staff members manage their own profiles, in which they can document their achievements and where their skills can be evaluated by colleagues. In this way they can create their own label within the company and get to work on the right projects. This, in turn, holistically improves the overall performance of the organization.

The marketplace as a focal and pivotal point for collaboration

Project owners create profiles of the skills they need on their project team. Staff members can receive notifications of suitable projects according to their individual interests, goals and skills, and keep informed of interesting prospects.

The fast, direct route to an ideal project team

The profile data of staff members are analyzed and strategic projects are allocated. The project owner will be notified directly of suitable profiles, and can enjoy immediate access to the most suitable team members within the organization. Where the right skills are available in an organization, performance can be significantly improved.

Contact potential team members professionally

The project owner can examine the profile of a staff member and contact them directly. If certain skills are lacking, then potential team members can work together to find a solution and close the gap.

Record common goals and achievements

During the cooperative process, the project owner and team members record all their achievements in the Contributions section and demonstrate their progress towards the team’s concrete goals. This enables the direct calculation of success indicators and speeds up the organization’s performance.

Direct feedback from the team

Any staff member can initiate feedback rounds to find out more about their own performance. This involves sending feedback requests to selected colleagues. In this way each staff member can get 360-degree feedback from the people they work with, irrespective of rank.

Project allocation with an added motivational boost

To make sure it can successfully counter the major challenges that lie ahead, every company needs an organisational design that optimally combines the relation between employee type and organisational structure, so that each employee makes an essential contribution to the company’s successful future.

Profile data helps employees to find the right tasks

In People.OS, all employees enter up-to-date profile data including their interests, skills and wishes. At the same time, jobs and projects specify the skills they require. This means that the right people can work on important tasks – without detours.

Training based on challenges, not classic roles

In People.OS, employees receive targeted training based on their needs. This means that they’re directly supplied with relevant content when they require it. This is a huge boost for learning by doing.

Individual and accurate

The People.OS Onboarding captures the individual corner stones of every user. From individual experiences and personal interests up to knowledge gaps. So the system is capable of providing the user with learning content that is highly context relevant for every user. Proactive and always at the right time.

Self and Peer Assessment

By directly syncing self assessments and feedback driven peer assessments People.OS is capable of identifying individual gaps or advances and to provide learning content that exactly matches the needs of the employee.

Holistic and Effective

People.OS is built on a holistic concept. It provides context relevant digital learning contents and furthermore suggests the right mentor and relevant project assignments that perfectly match the development goals of the employee.


In addition to digital learning content and mentoring, learning on the job is an important supporting element of sustainable learning success. People.OS proposes suitable projects for each staff member, on the basis of their individual requirements, for which staff with the relevant profile are required and in which he/she can apply their new knowledge and, at the same time, contribute to the success of the project.

Semantic networks

The entire learning content of People.OS is semantically interconnected. On the basis of helpfully identified learning content, further relevant content is made available and recommended for each staff member on an individual basis. In this way, the platform ensures the constant further training of staff and provides individual learning paths for sustainable development.

Feedback as a solid basis for personal development

Employees receive 360-degree feedback directly from the colleagues they work with and are asked to evaluate others. This provides all employees with valuable information for their personal development.

Instant feedback on my work

The instant feedback app provides employees with valuable feedback on their work on an ongoing basis, and they can also provide their own feedback to help their colleagues continue to improve. It’s simple – and even fun.

Direct feedback on personal strengths & weaknesses

Every employee defines his or her personal strengths and weaknesses, e.g. time management or public speaking, and then receives direct feedback on these points. This allows every employee to see exactly where there is still room for improvement, but also in the areas where improvements have already been made.

Peer-to-peer mentoring

Based on the differences between self-assessment and feedback, the system suggests suitable mentors; these can be colleagues from the same field of work, but also experts or other employees who have gone through a similar development.

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