3D Approach for Sustainable Success

Isolated solutions don’t cut it anymore. If you want to address deep organizational problems, you need solutions that span a company’s three dimensions: people, tools & tech, and organizational design. Let your corporate challenges be solved by moving from a two-dimensional to a three-dimensional operating system. With over 75 years of experience and software, services, and tools that span the entire company, Haufe can deliver and integrate a three-dimensional operating system to transform your company.

What's the greatest asset at any company? The people. Every solution we create starts with them.

Wherever you look, global players and local mid-caps alike are developing their strategies for change. CEOs want to steer a successful path to the future and to navigate their companies safely through contemporary challenges such as digitalization, demographic change, or shortages of skilled professionals. But implementing this kind of new strategy often overwhelms organizations and their employees, who have not (yet) aligned themselves with said strategy.

Software can't do it alone

Many companies respond by deciding to introduce new software and hope the rest will work itself out. But regardless of how great your tools and technologies are, if your employees are not adequately trained, the best technology in the world won't get you the results you want. The same goes for your organizational structure: If you don't place the right people in the right positions, the technology will not achieve the desired results. Software can only ever be a tool for success. You can only sustainably improve your organization's overall performance if you ensure that your organizational structure fits your employees. Relying on technology alone is a one-dimensional approach that doesn't factor in the people using it, or the organization.

Haufe’s three-dimensional approach

Here at Haufe, People.OS takes a comprehensive approach that takes into account all three dimensions: people, technology, and organization. Our 3D approach offers an innovative concept for implementing a strategy across all levels of the organization. It also provides various solution packages to ensure that the people in the company are included, involved, and highly motivated to actively participate in and shape the transformation process successfully.

To ensure sustainable success Because we are convinced that change can only be successfully implemented if all three dimensions are incorporated in the development and implementation of the strategy.

Our operating system, People.OS, places people at the core of the strategy’s implementation. It is extremely important for the company strategy to permeate all parts of the company and for the entire organization to work in sync with the strategy.

Haufe’s overarching goal is not to deliver a finished product or to perform a one-off service. Instead, our company promotes a holistic cultural transformation that is based on WHYral Change. By providing excellent consulting and including your employees in the process, we utilize your company’s full potential and pave the way for a successful future.

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Outcome-focused innovation process

The foundation is a clear innovation process that deals with a vague idea differently from a sophisticated concept, and that supplies the creator of the idea with the right setup for the relevant stage of the innovation. This means that every level of innovation is focused towards the achievement of clearly defined criteria for reaching the next level. 

Target-oriented communication

Innovation must be target-oriented; otherwise it is not an innovation but sadly just a pipe dream. In People.OS, the majority of strategic challenges are disclosed by top management and made transparent to every staff member in the company. And who knows: maybe the next 100-million-dollar ideas will come from the doorman, and not from the Head of Future Success?

Mobilizing the organization

Each of these commercial challenges is described and visualized in detail. This delineates the framework for the desired commercial innovation, without excessively limiting the creativity of the staff members. Each employee of the company can now begin an innovation project, or mission, for this challenge, and develop it through the levels of the innovation process. The resources required for this - namely work hours, budget or helpers - will be provided according to the relevant innovation level.

Transparent innovation initiatives

Each mission is completely transparent within the company, i.e. all staff members, from executive management to operational staff, can find out about the contents, measurement criteria, remaining time and available budget of a mission at any time. This gives every employee the opportunity to bring their own skills to bear and apply to an ongoing innovation project.

The right staff member for the right initiative

The success of innovation projects is dependent on the skills of the participating staff members. People.OS knows the strengths of your employees through collected feedback, self-published profile data and position descriptions, and the platform proactively supports the involvement of the most suitable staff member in each mission. 

Clear goals keep the organization focused

In the Contributions component, your employees can set their own goals and carry out tasks that relate to the published innovation projects, and in this way contribute to the successful addressing of the innovation challenge in question. This serves to encourage the whole organization to make a crucial contribution to the innovation success of the company. This can have short- or long-term sustainable effects on the innovation culture of your company.

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